Hear What Our Clients Say About Us

“I had no hesitation at all working with Streamline because their staff is very professional, reliable, and assuring. I would like to say that everything about the project has been excellent from the services provided to the timeline of the project (very fast and friendly service). I am impressed as well by their great technology. Amazing work! I would definitely recommend Streamline.”

– Ashiqah, Manager, Jamu Massage International

“Our doubts initially were that the teaching of the software would be difficult for our team to understand and manage as we are not trained. But after the training session with Streamline, our doubts were relieved and we are very happy with the outcome. We are able to manage our own website and create our own changes. They also gave us a physical guide book to refer to when we forget. We will definitely recommend the Streamline as the software is user-friendly and the team is approachable and friendly.”

–  Jess, Marketing Manager, Megalasers

“I was recommended by Derek to work with Streamline. I liked that it was $0 out-of-pocket expense. It allows SMEs like us to expand and grow with minimal cost. The best feature about working with Streamline is the simplicity of their software. I was provided with a training and a guide book to manage my own website.”

– Benjamin Sim, Events & Talent Manager, Events Solution Pte Ltd

“I’m very happy with the service streamline provided. In a matter of 5 weeks, they completed my entire project. I like that they have a very helpful and friendly team. Wan Lin was specially patient in teaching me how to use the Content Management Software. It’s great that they also provide the guidebook to manage my own website.”

– Raymond, Founder, Ayano Fashion

“Streamline helped build my ecommerce website under Spring Singapore’s project. They provided photography for my products and took 4 weeks for my project. I spent $0 as it was 100% fully reimbursed to me. I like their professional service and would recommend it to anyone who requires web services!”

– Anna Xie, Operations Manager, Tiny Heart Cottage

“I like that Streamline has very friendly staffs who are easy and approachable. Always willing to help and does their best to cater to our needs. The Smart Ecommerce allows me to save time as I do not need to do most of the work manually and I can concentrate on working marketing my business. I’m happy with their services.”

– Meng Hooi, Business Owner, Firstpointe

“Excellent service from Streamline! Initially, we chose them due to the attractive package offered. It took 7 weeks for my entire project to complete and they quality was nothing short of excellent. The best feature overall is that the Email Marketing Software helped in my business productivity. I can now create campaigns and send it out to my customers automatically. Thank you Streamline!”

– Kenneth Kang, Director, Value Consulting

“I had my doubts as it was first time working with your company. And you had no prior records of previous project in the marine industry. However I went ahead anyway as it was $0 out of pocket expense. The project was completed within 2 – 3 weeks with a professional, reliable team. Well done!”

– Tommy Jen, Founder, Marineone Consultancy

“Streamline provided me with an affordable and quality solution for my business. Their staff were very helpful, easy-going, and approachable. I would rate their work as excellent and highly recommend them.”

 – Casey Tan, Manager, Olivia Dresses

“My doubts when I engaged Streamline were whether they could meet my requirements. I also was unsure whether they could provide a solution that would serve the purpose of my business.

Streamline has lived up to my standards and has provided me with a quality solution. The professionalism of the staff and the quality of their services has been great. What I like most about Streamline is that they provide a very affordable solution. Also, I really appreciate that there was proper follow-up at every stage of development.”

 – Joelyn Ong, Director, Heart Gem Gallery

“Thank you Streamline for the helpful and professional service. I like that the team is always approachable and helpful. You were also very quick to update the changes I requested. The Smart Ecommerce software is a great help to my business.”

– Linda Lin, Owner, ISA Pte Ltd