ICV Spring Grant

We are an approved vendor listed on Spring Singapore’s website for Apppointment Booking Software & Point-of-Sale Software. (Updated:25th Jan 2016)

The Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) is a simple to apply, easy-to-use voucher valued at $5,000, to encourage SMEs to take their first step towards capability development.

What can the ICV voucher benefit me
SMEs can use the ICV voucher to upgrade and strengthen their core business operations through consultancy in the areas of innovation, productivity, human resources and financial management.

Apart from consultancy, ICV also supports SMEs in the adoption and implementation of simple solutions to improve business efficiency and productivity.

SMEs can use the ICV to implement productivity solutions.

Productivity Solutions

For implementation of simple productivity solutions, each SME can apply up to a maximum of two vouchers value of $5,000 each to implement solutions out of the available eight vouchers for each SME. For this, SMEs may apply directly with SPRING to support the productivity solutions, on a reimbursement basis.

The reimbursement will be made directly to the SME. All purchases must be made only after the indicated solutions/ items have been approved in the application.

How does ICV works

For more information on ICV on SPRING site please click here

Why Should I Use My ICV On Streamline’s Services?

1) Streamline has assisted and guided many successful applications as our software solutions fits all criteria to be approved by Spring Singapore

2) Streamline gives you software that are worth over $10,000 for more than half the price.

Streamline has been known to help start-ups,SMEs around South-East Asia to automate their business at an affordable price. As all businesses aspire to, we want to maintain high standards of quality to our customers. At the same time, the last thing that should happen to an entrepreneur being tied-down by working for the business. Automate your business with softwares & systems in placed instead!

3) Streamline has a proven track record and a 100% customer satisfaction policy.

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