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Can you imagine a website without enhanced features? As a website design and development company in Singapore, Streamline strives to boost clients’ businesses by assisting in creating as well as maintaining a presence online. We specialize in online marketing, which serves as a reliable foundation for company success.

Our packages are designed to deliver practical solutions to efficiently match your business requirements, and all our designs are enhanced with user-friendly and visually-appealing features. We have a complete team of professional web designers who are aware of the demands of the current web market, and deliver advice accordingly. We have proficient designers and programmers who are professionals in the field of web development and design, and satisfied clientsts vouch for our expertise.

This makes it easy to carry out periodic website content updates without major hassles. A Content Management System or (CMS) website design enables one to update webpages in a flexible manner, without adhering to technical tasks such as code modifications for building web designs. The team at Streamline is extremely attentive to all clients and personalizes service solutions to come up with the ideal fit. Bid goodbye to all your content-related issues with Streamline, which is one of the foremost CMS web design and development companies in Singapore.

Corporate Website Design Package comes with:

  • Personalized Form Builder Software and Email Direct Marketing software
  • Unlimited availability of form creations developed in accordance with the required business model
  • Content Management software, which facilitates easily-usable drag-and-drop features for managing websites

Personalized Form Builder Software features:

  • Title, description, settings and confirmation messages can be easily arranged.
  • Limit indicator helps one know the entry limit for a form and also provides a customized message on reaching the limit
  • Advanced fields are better equipped to capture everything from names, addresses and phone numbers to email and website addresses, which also include file uploads over standard fields
  • Provide a start and end date to limit form access as well as a customized message on the form’s expiry, in order to have a form available for a shorter time period
  • Software leads to the easy creation of order forms which provide specific pricing fields for customers to select from and create an overall based on product and selections

Email Direct Marketing Software Features:

  • Write or send newsletters with ease via drag-and-drop features.
  • Unlimited subscribers and newsletters, along with a growing subscriber base
  • Auto responder pre-programs emails to send on your behalf
  • Ability to collect subscribers while providing options for utilizing registration forms or mailing lists
  • Ability to import subscriptions from preregistered users or from an Excel file
  • Create and manage mailing lists to distribute your materials to various target audiences by assigning them to different subscribers groups
  • Promote higher numbers of subscribers who open the newsletter, click on links inside and close the email immediately. Also create newer newsletters based on report feedback

Automatically unsubscribe email addresses which bounce

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