Our Company

stream·line /ˈstriːmˌlaɪn/ British English pronunciation: streamline

: to make (something) simpler, more effective, or more productive

:  to bring up to date :  modernize

:  to put in order :  organize

What begun as freelancing jobs to occupy our free time during National Service, progressed to a steady stream of web service assignments which led us to start Streamline Pte Ltd in 2013.

With a young and passionate team of 12 in Singapore and 8 in Vietnam, we have served our cliental base fulfilling diversified needs from blogshops, small-medium enterprises and even multi-national corporations in South-East Asia.

We always believed in efficiency, just as our name suggests, through the amazing introduction of technology. All of our softwares are built in-house with our crazily talented development team.

We take pride in our work, like seriously. So everything you see on this website, designs, copywriting, development and even the animated videos are done in-house by our dedicated team-mates.

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Our Vision

“Empowering Businesses to Grow, Profit & Succeed!”

Our Mission

Enabling 30,000 Businesses Online through Technology by 2020.

Our Values

1)      Teamwork : Leveraging on each others’ strengths to achieve a task greater than ourselves.

2)     Responsibility  : Being accountable for all our actions and outcomes.

3)      Integrity : Being ethical and congruent with our thoughts.

4)     Growth : Striving for excellence through continuous learning and application.

5)      Fun : Elevating happiness, celebrating success. 

6)      Leadership : We influence, we inspire, we empower.

Why Choose Us?

lowbudgetStreamline leverages on the Singapore’s Innovation & Capability grants and offers $0 out-of-pocket expense with the softwares we develop. We never collect any form of payment before the approval of application. You can now upgrade and strengthen your core business operations with zero risk!

software Streamline has been known to help start-ups,SMEs around South-East Asia to automate their business. As all businesses aspire to, we want to maintain high standards of quality to our customers. At the same time, the last thing that should happen to an entrepreneur being tied-down by working for the business. Automate your business with softwares & systems in placed instead!

salesOur softwares help boost sales for both new start-ups & SMEs, especially our Smart Ecommerce Management Software. Case studies like Marx B, a new start up company, had a 200% increase in sales!

testimonialsDon’t take our word for it. But trust Streamline’s over 300 customers and still counting! There’s a reason why we’re still in the market today, and still growing! Wait no further, contact us today!

recordWe have a proven track record of quality service and effective website softwares, our customers have grown from start-ups to retail shops to even franchise outlets and expanded overseas. Our clientele includes Kaplan Education, Singapore Pools, Solomon Alliance Management, BEI Asia Awards, Singapore Institute of Building and many more. You know you can trust us.


Contact Us

Office : +65 6996 6383

Address : 71 Ubi Road 1, Oxley BizHub #07-39, Singapore 408732

There is nothing better than working with good people. 

Reach us at cs@streamline.sg.

If you have a specific project that you’d like to talk about, ask about eligibility for 100% full government subsidy, or a quick demo on our softwares, simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!