Our Team


Shawn Lee

Director, Head of Development

Shawn assumes the role of building new softwares with cutting-edge technology. He is an expert in development and also provides a consulting role for new start ups and SMEs. You know you can count on him to execute your project perfectly.

Germaine Chow

Director, Head of Marketing

Germaine assumes the role of marketing and business development. Responsible for the performance of the company, she enjoys developing strategic business plans and exploring new business opportunities.


Jane Toh

Marketing Specialist

Jane is extremely organised and meticulous. She actively listens to your business needs and strategises an impactful marketing solution catered to your business.


Jerry Lee

Business Consultant

Jerry is a hard-working, reliable sales consultant. He is considered as an all-rounder. Being a dedicated sales consultant, you can rely on him to provide the right solutions to better automate your business and expand your online market. He enjoys playing soccer on his free time.

Kristine Ong

Marketing Specialist

Kristine has a creative mind and excels in curating impactful marketing ideas. Being around her is always fun! Keen to learn, she constantly challenges herself by reading more.

Kevin Pham

Head of Development & Regional Director

Kevin has a profound passion in web development. He spends his day dedicated to coding, and is a genius at it! Kevin is responsible for managing and expanding our softwares with his partner, Shawn. Together, they’ve create our in-house award winning Smart Ecommerce Management Software which helped many SMEs as of date increase productivity and sales. 

Vicky Huynh

Head of Operations

Vicky is a pro-active, dependable leader. She oversees project coordination and ensures good communication. She is well organised and has a huge sense of commitment. She is always ready to soar and you can trust her to complete your tasks with ease.



Minh is a team player who is open to new ideas, and a keen learner. He seeks continual improvement and strives to become the best at what he does. He does your daily back up, uptime monitoring and all other checks to ensure your site runs bug-free!

Nga Dang


Nga is responsible for all key developments. She is a fast and efficient team player who focuses on her work with high concentration. She is a patient and kind-loving person who strives to advance her knowledge. She ensures your designs are totally responsive and optimised to all devices!



Behind his brilliant smile and lighthearted charm, Chien has a strong experience in IT and backend development. He provides the nuts and bolts for all our web applications.



Tien is a passionate web designer for easy User Experience and clean design aesthetic. She pays close attention to your web layout and ensuring that the design is mobile-friendly.